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Equipment Financing

  • Simple Online Application
    Qualify for up to $150,000 through our Application Only program without providing financial statements, tax returns or unnecessary information.
  • Flexible Payment Programs
    Your business can be comfortable making payments the way you need to. Structure a custom lease with our innovative financing specialist to fit your needs through our various payment plans:
Seasonal Payment Program– Have the flexibility of different payment sizes depending on the temperature! No need to stress about the ‘off-season,’ let your business flourish with all the seasons.

90 Day Deferral Payment– Make profits with your equipment from the start with worry-free of payments. Take the time to get accommodated with your equipment and let your employees become new experts.

Step-up Lease- Start your lease off with smaller payments until you create maximizing profits with your equipment. Increase your monthly cash flow until you are ready to pay.

Step-down Lease- Take advantage of tax benefits with Section 179 Tax Deduction.

Quarterly Payments- Let your business create revenue over quarters at a time. Quarterly payments provide the flexibility of only paying 4 times per year. Take advantage of having cash flow throughout the year.

  • Fast – Fast – Fast
    Your STRADA Account Executive understands why you lease; to get your business moving. Our team is fluid enough to take stress off you and allows us to professionally handle documentation, which concludes in speedy funding. The STRADA Team understands its role in your business. We are committed to consistently delivering the enhanced experience businesses receive from leasing and financing programs STRADA offers.
  • Quick Approval!
    Your transaction will typically be approved within hours of submission, allowing you to get your equipment installed and operating without delay. STRADA’s in-house documentation team uses a proven velocity processes with your business at the forefront.
  • Competitive Rates!
    STRADA Capital’s competitive low rates allow us to structure an affordable finance program to fit your budget. When structuring a customizable program, we always remember that your business is our success.

The Bottom Line

  • Leasing, financing and working capital is an agile and flexible tool. Agility will give your business the capital needed to take advantage of every opportunity. We use flexibility to create a program with comfortable repayment and trusting structure.
  • Annual leasing volume in the U.S. alone is well above the $100 BILLION level, which means that about one third of all capital equipment is acquired under a lease contract.
  • STRADA Capital thrives on providing financial solutions where your bank cannot. Longer terms, prefunding and accelerated funding, payments to match your cash flow, and stabled rates without fluctuation will launch you into success.

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