Excavation and Trenching

excavation and trenching equipment leasingExcavation and Trenching Equipment Financing

Digging and trench construction call for equipment of all sizes. STRADA finances your equipment to grow your business into a construction success. Learn about some of the common types of digging and trench construction equipment STRADA has financed:

Backhoe Loader Financing

A heavy equipment combination type machine vehicle with versatility commonly used in urban construction projects. Backhoe Loaders can dig small excavations, dig trenches, and with use of the loader attachment on the front of the machine, it can move material such as sand or gravel. Backhoe Loaders are used to load trucks as well. Strada Capital can help with your backhoe loader financing call our experienced leasing experts today.

Dredge Excavator Financing

Need to dispose of underwater sediments? Or need to deepen harbors and waterways? This is where excavating dredging machines comes into play. You can use a dredge to dispose of underwater sediments at different locations. Tell STRADA which dredge excavator works best for your project and we can help find a dealer while providing the financing.

Tracked Excavator Financing

Also can be known as track hoes, which is heavy equipment that includes a boom, dipstick, bucket and cab on a rotating platform. The cab rest on an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. The tracked excavator is specifically used in mining, forestry, construction and pipeline industries.

Wheeled Excavator Financing

Fast, reliable and offer mobility. Wheeled Excavators minimizing the need for additional transportation from job to job. Very suitable for ditch cleaning or road maintenance. Our construction equipment leasing specialists can help you get the right financing for your next wheeled excavator.

Chain Trencher Financing

A design of heavy equipment used with a digging chain that is ran by a rounded metal frame, or boom. It is that giant chainsaw you have always wanted. When a bucket-type excavator cannot do the job, a chain trencher makes the job complete. It can cut narrow or deep trenches and the angle of the boom can be adjusted to control depth of cut.

Wheel Trencher Financing

Also known as a rock wheel, consist of a toothed metal wheel. An inexpensive alternative to chain trenchers, but can still cut harder than chain-type trenchers. Wheel trenchers are very versatile by being used on hard or soft soil, clearing soil or pavement cutting. Our flexible leasing programs can help you find the funding for your wheel trencher.

STRADA Capital specializes in helping entrepreneurs and businesses acquire the essential capital they need to launch their business to the next level. We can help find the right excavation and trenching equipment for your business. Our leasing experts can answer all your questions. Submit your one-page application today, and we can discuss the best plan for you.