Audio Video Equipment Leasing

audio video equipment leasing

Cutting-Edge A/V Financing For Elite Productions

The difference between a successful audio/video production and one that bombs is often a product of the equipment used.  Even the most talented crew requires the latest tools to get the best results.  In addition to increased functionality and innovation, newer audio/video equipment shaves precious time off tedious processes that inhibit creativity.  Every audio and video production group is affected by the growing innovation in A/V equipment.  However, the price tag associated with the latest equipment is often not congruent with budget constraints.

Don’t let your productions be anything less than impressive due to lack of quality tools.  STRADA Capital has long provided businesses with quick financing for their audio/video requirements. There are distinct advantages in financing and leasing A/V production equipment.  As a business strategy, it allows for a free flow of working capital while enabling productions to continue unimpeded. Still mulling it over?  Give us a call and we’ll walk you through a viable financing option custom suited to your business’s budget. Get started by filling out a one-page application today.

Tailor-Made A/V Financing

We don’t believe in one-size fits all financing and neither should you.  Your A/V productions aren’t cookie cut so why should your leasing solution?  We like getting creative too.  At STRADA Capital, we strive to set up affordable, adaptable leasing strategies that meet your changing needs.  We expect challenges and changes because we understand the nature of the industry.  Our aim is to be just as innovative as the A/V industry.  Our simple online application is a cinch to fill out and we’ll follow up with you after you complete it.  We’ve provided audio video equipment leasing solutions to companies and professionals in all areas of film, television, music recording, sound design and video production for decades.

Why Partner With STRADA Capital?

  • Easy Application Process
    Apply for up to $125,000 leasing or $200,000 for medical professionals without providing financial statements or tax returns with our straightforward one-page application.
  • Quick Turnaround
    Get your business growing within 24 hours! We understand your business moves quickly, so do we.
  • 100% Financing
    Start earning profits from your equipment faster and save your cash for better uses!
  • Budget Friendly Payment Options
    Our payment options are customizable so you can feel comfortable when making payments!