Dump Truck Leasing


Dump Truck Financing with STRADA Capital

STRADA Capital can handle any dirt job. We have been financing dump trucks over many years and have an unparalleled success rate. To get your project rolling, fill out an online application and a finance specialist will contact you within 24 hours of submission. We have a fast approval system which will let you know your finance options quick. Submit your one-page application today, and we can discuss the best plan for you.

Types Of Dump Trucks

Haul Truck End Dump
Have a heavy dirt job? You will need an end dump or a center dump haul unit. You can choose from two different types; ridge frame and articulating frame. This truck uses discharging from the body of the truck. The end dump releases from the rear of the truck. The center dump haul unit will dump from the longitudinal gates at the bottom of the dump wagon.

Super dump truck
Contains 4 to 7 axles and capable of carrying great loads.

Articulated dump truck
Includes a hinge between the cab and dump box allowing for use in rough terrain.

Transfer dump truck
A standard dump truck with a trailer in tow.

Dump truck and pup
A transfer truck where the trailer has its own hydraulic ram, making it capable of stand-alone dumping.

Side dump truck
A three-axle truck pulling a two-axle trailer.

Semi-trailer end dump truck
A side dump truck where the two-axle trailer has its own hydraulic hoist.

Semi-trailer bottom dump truck
Similar to the semi-trailer end dump truck where the dump feature is a clam shell dump gate in the center bottom of the trailer.

Double and triple trailer bottom dump truck
Consists of a two-axle tractor pulling a single-axle semi-trailer and one or two full trailers.

These are not the only types of dump trucks. The type of dump truck you’ll drive will depend on the country you are working in, the nature of the work that needs to be performed. However when it comes to leasing any type of dump truck, you can rely on STRADA Capital’s flexible dump truck financing programs.