Building Agile Business Finances

Business finance strategies

Whether you are large or small business, there is a lesson to be learned in agile (or lean) business practices.  Simply put: they work.  Agile business practices enable businesses to react to trending opportunities or create industry buzz quickly and efficiently.  It also allows internal business activity to be proactive instead of reactive—which saves money.  This is especially the case of business finance.  John Martin of Forbes relates that lean business models, “allow large businesses to deal with uncertainty and limited budgets more effectively.”[*]  One chief agile practice in business financial matters is the effective use of equipment leasing.  But how?

Lean Leasing

Working capital is essential to growth.  The more working capital your company has the more it can use on innovation, marketing, and sustainability.  Yet, many business models incorporate lengthy loans that tie up capital with limited options.  Leasing allows for a greater range of business opportunity than traditional loans.  For example, one construction company uses construction equipment leasing arrangements to stay liquid and to have access to the most modern equipment.  Through good planning and short term leasing, companies can increase their agility so that they can take advantage of a variety of business prospects.

STRADA Capital follows lean practices and extends the same measures to its clients.  In our current economic environment, we understand your organization’s need to engage in agile business practices.  Doing so can be the difference between being a follower or a leader in your industry.

If you have questions or would like to inquire about applying for any sort of equipment financing, give STRADA Capital a call.  You can also fill out a quick application to get immediate answers about how we can make your business a leaner one.

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