What Entrepreneurs Need to Tell Investors

When an investor chooses to fund your business, they will definitely subject you to different questions to appease their curiosity. Let us take a look at 6 of the common questions which nearly every investor is likely to ask the entrepreneurs.  Answering them confidently can help your business find the funding necessary to get to the next level.

Who Is Your A-team?

This is your first chance to impress your investor. You need to show them that you have a great team that is industry savvy. If you have time, highlight the motivation of each member along with their expertise.

What Is Your Research On Market Opportunity?

If you want the investor to really pick your firm, you need to decisively explain how your business is different from what is already present in the market. Give them a true picture of the market that wins their confidence and incites trust in your research.

What Exactly Is Your Product/Service?

You need to elaborate when you are explaining this point. If an investor cannot get excited about your product or service within a few minutes of your explanation, you should re-work it.  Clearly show how your product/service is unique to your market either as a valued improvement or as a cheaper option.

What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

Investors definitely need to know your core marketing plans and how you intend to make your products popular among the masses. Make sure that you have a thorough strategy planned beforehand.

Throw some light on your business model

Once again, bring your best marketing skills to the forefront and give comprehensive details of your business model and how you plan to execute it for the sake of making your product successful. Discuss about the bottlenecks you may face and how you are prepared to handle it.

How much capital will be needed?

Do not over exaggerate or squeeze the numbers. Make sure to offer the right picture regarding how much capital shall be required for your project to kick off successfully.