Is Your Sales Equipment Ready for New Technology in 2015?

The New Year will bring in a number of technological changes that will directly affect business sales. Business sense dictates that owners and sales departments should, at the very least, consider how upgrades could affect the sales, marketability, and branding. Here are a few thoughts from the business market that may be helpful to your business’s strategic planning.

Apple Payday!

Independent research from mobile analytic giants Fiksu and Mixpanel relates that Apple’s iPhone 6 sales are nearing 20 million. That’s not a typo—it’s actually 20 million! iPhone users are dedicated to Apple and collectively represent a high-end revenue source to several business. The Apple Pay system that is embedded in the latest iPhone has the potential to increase sales to businesses of all types. Is your business in position to benefit from Apple’s new contactless payment setup? Not if you do not have the equipment in place to process these payments.

Credit & Debit Chips

One year from now, every credit and debit card will be all chips in—literally and figuratively. Credit card fraud is outrageous in the U.S. and America is finally going to make the move to EMV (Europay, Mastercard & Visa) contact and contactless chip technology. Most of the world has already made the change and have proven that the new tech prevents a wide array of fraud. The new credit cards will use equipment that facilitates chip reading transactions. Does your business have a plan in place for the change?
Overlooking these changes could cost your business severely in the upcoming holidays and fiscal quarter. It may be a good option to use the Tax Credit 179 before the years end to offset some of these costs for new business equipment. Strada Capital helps businesses of all sizes to stay ahead of the technology curve by providing the finances necessary to acquire these tools. Whether it is equipment leasing, construction equipment leasing or truck leasing, Strada Capital is there for your business.

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