New US Economic Growth Boosts Business Confidence

US looking to overtake China in global GDP in 2015

The US has retained the largest world economy for quite some time. However, it has not produced the largest global GDP since Prince was on his 1999 Tour. China currently boasts that honor. According to Nuveen Investments, that is about to change. Really?


Even with a population that is over 3 times greater than the US, China is nose-diving in imports and freight activity. Furthermore, its electrical consumption and auto sales have slowed dramatically to barely recognizable growth level. Chinese consumers are holding on to their money instead of spending. Meanwhile, the US is looking to capture the gold in the race for GDP in 2015.

What This Means for Your Business

Nov. 2014 had 321,000 new hires
Nov. 2014 had 321,000 new hires

Stateside, whether you are a large or small business (depending on your industry), the conditions for growth have not look this bright since before the housing bubble. If your business has been slowly recouping from the recession, now is an excellent opportunity to get back into the race. Nearly every major market forecast shows significant gains for US business—even including housing!
One major selling point is the increase in US labor markets. Businesses are hiring again. In fact, November 2014 was the largest hiring (321,000) month in the past 3 years. The hiring trend is pulling strong into January and holding steady as the market’s strength continues to be revitalized.

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