New Year, New Programs- With You In Mind


Happy New Year.  And by all indications, it should be!  The U.S. economy is expected to grow this year by more than 3.0%.  Whether your business requires ever-changing technology, equipment or just increased purchasing power, this could be the year to make the move.  STRADAgies is your resource for growth and innovative capital solutions.  Expansion?  Buying Equipment?  Working Capital?  STRADAgies is here to share rare insight into capital forecasting and current financial trends.

Lock It Up! – Economists may differ on their view of the US Economy and where it is headed but one area you will find near unanimous agreement relates to interest rates.  Almost all are predicting they will be going higher this year.   Many feel we will not see rates this low again for a very long time.  At STRADA, we understand that no one wants to miss out on a great deal, especially one this scarce.  Accordingly, we have made the decision to lock our rates through April 30th 2014 for our preferred clients.  If you received this newsletter direct from STRADA, all you need to do is contact your account executive and secure a pre approval before the end of January and we will lock in these once in a lifetime rates through April 30th.

Cash Back Program- STRADA Capital is offering $1,000 cash back for any new lease, loan or working capital agreement funded in the month of January.  We understand cash can be tight this time of year so we want to help. The process couldn’t be simpler, just utilize one of our lease or loan products to purchase new revenue producing equipment, build inventory, hire new employees or expand your business and receive a check for $1,000.  * Minimum funded amount must be $25,000 or more.


We want to thank you for making 2013 a banner year for STRADA Capital. We are once again a candidate for Inc. 500’s fastest growing privately held companies.  Your success fuels our passion to deliver innovative financial solutions.  We are looking forward to introducing more products in the New Year and continuing to deliver on our promise “to work smarter” for your business.  STRADA Capital is looking forward to soaring with your business to new heights in 2014.

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